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In an effort to promote the idea of an industrial renaissance in Europe as well as the involvement of young Europeans in the development and implementation thereof, the organisers of the MANUFUTURE 2015 conference organised a photography contest entitled ‘What does manufacturing mean to me?” and invited young EU residents to take part in it.

Dear members of the ManuFuture community and friends of manufacturing and photography: The photography contest is closed. The contest website was visited by more than 1,700 visitors from 76 countries. A total of 40 participants from 12 countries registered to participate in the contest, of which only 28 from 3 countries made submissions. Their work can be viewed online at:

We would like to congratulate Ms. Dovile Cibiraite (Lithuania, Scientist at Vilnius University Physics Department), who was selected through public voting as the winner of the ‘Public Choice’ award. However, the other two awards – ‘Technologies and Innovations’ and ‘People and the Environment’ – were not considered, since the submissions that were received were not sufficiently in line with the competition theme.

We would like to thank all of the participants who submitted their work and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Laurent Federspiel, Project Consortium Chairman
Henrikas Mykolaitis, Competition Coordinator

Photo “Fusion of Nature and Human” of Ms. Dovile Cibiraite the winner of the public voting.

Caption of the photo: Pump storage power plant – one of the most important man-made constructions in Lithuania which is used to provide convenient production and cozy living to our country and is a significant step for us to connect with the continental Europe.


Description: Pump storage power plant of Lithuania in autumn. Pump storage power plant of Lithuania is like a symbol of sustainable development of Lithuania and Eastern Europe. It has a huge technological influence on stabilization of electricity supply and economic gain by storing relatively cheap energy at night. This power plant is the only hydro power plant of such type in Baltic states. A fifth hydro unit of Kruonis pumped storage plant is planned to be constructed near the present four. This will enable us to enlarge our wind parks and to ensure stability of electricity. It matches other development projects (Liquid Gas Terminal, NordBalt and LitPolLink international links) which are a part of integration of Baltic states to the continental Europe.  Despite flooded fields, this construction is very nicely integrated with nature. It affects every person with its fusion between nature and man-made construction which is used to provide convenient production and cozy living in our country together with other countries in united Europe.

Caption of the photo:  Ms. Dovile Cibiraite the winner of the public voting.and Manufuture2015 conference organisers at the conference in Luxembourg (November 23, 2015).


The Photography contest is being held within the programme of the MANUFUTURE 2015 conference. The contest is supported by the EU funded project ‘Strategic investments in European manufacturing to win global challenges (M-Future2015)’, and is being organised by the project consortium.

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